Many questions raised, No questions answered: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
Image: ANI

New Delhi, Jan 4: After the Rafale debate in Lok Sabha on Friday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that “Many questions were raised. No questions were answered”.

Attacking Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Gandhi told media “Many questions were raised. No questions were answered. She (Def Min) didn’t take Anil Ambani’s name for 2 hrs. I asked if objection was raised by Air Force when PM did bypass surgery?”

“Instead of answering this question,she started a drama”, he added.

The Congress Chief further stated “You (Def Min) accepted in your speech that you started a new contract of buying 36 aircraft, so I asked them if the people involved in the negotiations objected to this bypass surgery, yes or no? Instead of answering this, she ran away”.

The Lok Sabha today witnessed a heated discussion on Rafale Jet Deal.

During the debate, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman dismissed all allegations of corruption, while the Congress President raised questions and accused direct involvement of Prime Minister Narendra in the matter.

Rafale will bring back Modi to build a new India and remove corruption,” she said in a reply lasting over two-and-half hours in the Lok Sabha to a debate on the deal with French manufacturer Dassault.

The Minister said there was a difference between defence dealings and dealing in defence.

“We deal in defence with national security as a priority,” she said.


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