Mann ki Baat:PM says Efforts must be made to conserve every single drop of water


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appreciated the efforts of the Indian Railways as well as common people in battling the ongoing drought in the country.

Modi stressed  the need  to  make full use of the monsoons to raise the water tables, Modi said,”All efforts must be made to conserve every single drop of water. We should do whatever we can in that regard.This brings is hope, but this also presents a challenge to us, in terms of water conservation. Can we take a moment to conserve water from hereon in.”

Modi said ,”The people in Ahmednagar abandoned water intensive crops like sugarcane:The monsoon is predicted to be above 106 to 110% this year. This is like a soothing message of peace. Many times, due to several factors like encroachment, silting and blocks in the water channels, reservoirs store far less water than their capacity.They have done really good work with conserving water”Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation are highly effective.They not only help conserve water, but also save a lot of labour”

In the 19th edition of his radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi congratulated the railways for sending water to Latur in Maharashtra.

“The railways was swift in sending water to Latur. It is very commendable. But there are many water conservation initiatives taken by common people across the country which never receive the due recognition,” he said.

Modi gave the example of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra where the farmers have stopped producing crops which require more water.

“The farmers have decided not to produce sugarcane. They have switched to fruits and vegetables which require less water,” he added.

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