Mann Ki Baat: Nari Shakti is setting milestones in our country, says PM Modi

This was the 40th edition of PM Narendra Modi’s monthly programme Mann Ki Baat.

New Delhi, Jan 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said “woman power” has contributed a lot in the positive transformation seen in the country and that there are no limits to “Nari Shakti”.

Addressing this year’s first episode of “Mann ki Baat” radio talk, the Prime Minister also lauded the progress women have made in several spheres, saying with resolve and willpower “nothing is impossible”.

“A daughter is equivalent to 10 sons. The ‘punya’ you earn through 10 sons is equalled by one daughter. This underscores the importance given to women in our society. That is why, in our society, women have the status of Shakti’; PM added.

Remembering astronaut Kalpana Chawla ahead of her death anniversary on February 1, Modi said she gave out a valuable message to all Indians, especially young girls.

He also asked young voters to take India to new heights and also spoke about the Republic Day celebrations.

Here are the highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat address:

1. Just a few days ago, we celebrated our Republic Day with great fervor. This is the first time in history that heads of 10 Nations attended the ceremony.

2. It is great to see that women in India are excelling in every field.

3. Kalpana Chawla inspired women all over the world.

4.It is in our culture to respect women. In our ancient Sanskrit teachings, it is stated that the blessings we get from the almighty if we have one baby girl is equal to that of having 10 baby boys.

5. If India has to progress and reach new heights, it can only be possible only if and when women walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men, and in fact lead the way.

6. Women are advancing in many fields, emerging as leaders. Today there are many sectors where our Woman Power is playing a pioneering role, establishing milestones.

7. A few days ago, the Honourable President of India met women achievers, who distinguished themselves in various fields
Here, I would like to mention the Matunga Railway station which is an all-women station. All leading officials there are women. It is commendable.

8. India’s Woman Power has contributed a lot in the positive transformation being witnessed in our country and society.

9. I want to appreciate the women of Dantewada in Chhattisgarh. This is a Maoist affected area but the women there are operating e-rickshaws. This is creating opportunities, it is also changing the face of the region and is also environment friendly.

10. -Laxmikutty is a teacher in Kerala’s Kallar and still resides in a hut made of palm leaves in a tribal tract amidst dense forests. She prepares 500 types of herbal medicines from her memory. She was been conferred with Padma Shree award.

11. -You must have heard name of Arvind Gupta ji who was conferred with Padma Shree award. He spent all his life creating toys for children from waste. We have honoured those who may not be seen in big cities but have done transformative work for society: PM Modi.

12. The Prime Minister said Matunga in Mumbai was the first railway station in India managed by women.

13. Modi says social media is talking about the team of Border Security Forces’ (BSF) women personnel who presented a spectacular display of their power by performing daredevil stunts on motorcycles during the Republic Day parade.

14. Modi also appreciated the women of Dantewada in Chhattisgarh. “This is a Maoist-affected area but the women there are operating e-rickshaws. This is creating opportunities, it is also changing the face of the region and is also environment friendly,” he says.

15. Darshan from Mysore, Karnataka, has written on My Gov app that he was undergoing an expenditure of Rs 6,000 a month on medicines for the treatment of his father. Earlier, he wasn’t aware of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana. But now that he’s come to know of the Jan Aushadhi Kendra, he has begun purchasing medicines from there and expenses have been reduced by about 75%. He has expressed that I mention this in Mann Ki Baat, so that it reaches the maximum number of people and they can benefit: PM

16. The Prime Minister says Bihar’s move to form a human chain to spread awareness about evils of dowry and child marriage is very unique.

17. Mangesh from Maharashtra shared a touching photograph on the NM Mobile App, of an elderly person and a young child taking part in the movement to clean the Morna river.  He said Mission Clean Morna River is a wonderful initiative, where people came together to clean the river.

18. On January 30, the nation will observe the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. “Peace and non-violence is what Bapu taught us. His ideals are extremely relevant today,” he says.

The monthly radio programme which Modi first began in 2014, shortly after the BJP came to power at the Centre, is the Prime Minister’s attempt to speak to the common man directly and sometimes features letters from the public.

In his last address, which was also his last show in 2017, the Prime Minister gave his idea of a New India, a country “free from poison of casteism, communalism, terrorism and corruption; free from dirt and poverty”.



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