Manchester City withdraws from European Super League

Manchester City European Super League

Manchester City have withdrawn from the European Super League (ESL) and Chelsea are also preparing to do so.

Efforts to leave come just two days after both were announced as two of six English clubs to sign up to the controversial new competition.

Chelsea also withdrew from the breakaway tournament on Tuesday evening, as their fans protested the club’s involvement in the breakaway competition ahead of their Premier League match against Brighton.

City and Chelsea’s decision to quit leaves Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham as the English contingent still committed to the Super League.

What has been said?

City released a statement on Tuesday evening which confirmed they were officially withdrawing from the Super League.

Why have they withdrawn?

The Athletic understands that Manchester City’s players did not welcome Sunday’s news that the club would be joining the breakaway European Super League.

And on Tuesday, City manager Pep Guardiola said the proposed European Super League is “not sport”.

“It’s not sport when there is no relation between effort and success, it’s not sport,” he said.

“It’s not sport if it doesn’t matter if you lose. I’ve said many times I want the best competition as possible. It’s not fair if teams fight at the top and cannot qualify.”

What next?
Chelsea and Manchester City’s decision to walk away from the Super League dramatically increases the pressure on the 10 teams still remaining, with four of those from the Premier League.

Players participating in the Super League have already been warned by UEFA that they will be banned from World Cups and European Championships if the breakaway materialises.

Fan groups from all five remaining Premier League teams have all voiced their opposition, while UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised the government will consider dropping “a legislative bomb” to stop English clubs joining a breakaway Super League.

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