Man slams Virat-Anushka after being schooled for Littering on road

Virat Anushka

New Delhi, June 18: The clip of Anushka Sharma pulling up a Mumbai man for throwing garbage on the street went viral on social media within hours of Virat Kohli posting it.

Sharing the video Virat wrote, “Travelling in a luxury car and brains gone for a toss. These people will keep our country clean? Yeah right!”

In the viral video, Anushka is seen confronting the man for littering and giving him a lesson in civic responsibility. She is heard telling him, “Why are you throwing garbage on the road? Please be careful, you can’t just throw plastic around like that on the streets. Use a dustbin!”

And now the man whose name is Arhhan Singh, has been at the receiving end of the Internet since his video went viral, has slammed the couple in an Instagram post for ‘their rude behavior’.

He also agreed that it was careless of him to throw the litter out of his car and on the road. But he slammed out at the couple for not having ‘verbal etiquette.’

Here’s what he said.

That wasn’t it. Arhhan’s mother, Gitanjali Elizabeth also hit back at the duo calling it a cheap publicity stunt.

Arhhan’s mother took to Instagram and lashed out at the couple, saying, “You both posted a video for your fans n followers by violating basic rights to privacy and you shamed my son in the video as well in your post content. You both may be who you are in your fields, with millions of followers and all the PR backing you… you may be paid for your campaigning or maybe doing it for sheer publicity.”

“As a mother, I would like to state that you have not only shamed my son on social media by not blurring his face, but you’ve also exposed him to unwanted hostility and danger from fanatics for such a small thing that you claim he has done but have no proof of anyways. I am concerned about my son’s safety!” she added?.


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