Man kills wife for honour in Pakistan


Islamabad, Aug 18: Outdated traditions are the main roadblocks in the progress of a country and in the recent incident where an honour of man became more valuable than his better half’s life.

A man who allegedly killed his wife by slitting her throat in an an “honour killing was arrested by Pakistan Police, the Dawn reported on Thursday.

Shockingly, the accused, Rahim Daad, is said to have killed his first wife over the same reason some 14 years ago, police said.

On Wednesday night, the newspaper said, the couple had a minor scuffle after which the woman, 35, tried to flee from their Karachi house.

She told him that she didn’t want to stay with him any longer. He took out a knife and attacked her, a police officer said.

“He stabbed her in the abdomen and then slit her throat,” a police official told the Dawn, adding the murder was committed on the pretext of the “honour of his family”.

Their landlord called the police after he heard her cries from their ground floor apartment. Police have recovered the knife from the murder spot and Daad has confessed to have committed the crime.

Wefornews Bureau

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