Man climbs Trump tower in NYC, arrested


New York, Aug 11, 2016: After a three-hour drawn battle, New York Police on Wednesday apprehended a man who was scaling the Trump tower using suction cups and climbing gear here.

The man start his ascend around 4 p.m. local time on the south side of the 58-story building which is the headquarters of the US presidential campaign of Republican nominee Donald Trump. He also lives in the building but was not in New York at the time of incident, media reported.

The stunt had brought the busy mid-town Manhattan to a halt, attracting thousands of onlookers who gathered at the southwest and southeast corner of the building on East 56th Street.

City police and emergency responders rushed to the scene in an effort to stop the climber.

Police officers had smashed a couple of windows as the man slowly scaled the building, moving from the south side to the east to avoid comprehension.

The man was cornered by the police on the 21st floor and subsequently pulled inside through a window.

The climber’s identity and motives were not clear yet, but a Youtube video posted on Tuesday showed a man resembling the climber said he was a supporter of Trump’s campaign, Xinhua news agency reported.

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