Man attempts self-immolation after power supply is cut

self-immolation (representative picture)

Nagpur, Mar 25: A man attempted to set himself on fire at the office of the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) here on Wednesday evening after his power connection was cut for non-payment of bill, police said.

But the attempt was foiled before he could do any harm to himself, an official said.

Rajesh Sudam Band (42), a resident of Old Mangalwari are, had not paid electricity bills for the last two years and run up dues of Rs 65,176, the official said.

After sending him several notices, MSEDCL disconnected the power supply to his house on Wednesday afternoon.

Band arrived at the MSEDCL office in Wardhaman Nagar late in the evening when officials were in a meeting.

He poured kerosene on himself and another person who was with him took out a matchbox.

But MSEDCL officials immediately snatched away the matchbox and alerted the police.

Band was taken to police station and offence under Section 309 of Indian Penal Code (attempt to commit suicide) was registered against him.

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