Man arrested for making hoax call allegedly terming his wife a ‘fidayeen’

Delhi Police
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New Delhi, Aug 17 : Special cell of Delhi police has arrested a man from Bawana for allegedly making a hoax call on 8th August, that his wife is a ‘fidayeen’.

The accused, Nasiruddin (29), was arrested from Bawana area in New Delhi.

He made a call at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on August 8 , allegedly called his wife a ‘suicide attacker’ and that she is on her way to Delhi Airport to set off a bomb

Following his call on August 8, authorities at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, had to temporarily suspend operations of international flights.

Actually he wanted to stop her from leaving the country and he made the hoax call.

Police say the man’s wife, Rafiya, was taking a flight to the Middle East and he wanted to stop her. He had allegedly said that his wife was a bomber who would blow up a flight headed for Dubai or Saudi Arabia.

Police have registered a criminal case against Nasiruddin.

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