Mamata slams PM’s common man remark; waives off agri tax

Mamata Banerjee, File Photo

Kolkata, November 14: While PM Modi hailed his government for running a currency ban campaign to weed out corruption from the country, Mamata Banerjee severely criticised center’s demonetisation drive on Monday and accused PM Modi for insulting the poor by saying they are “sleeping peacefully.”

The West Bengal chief minister said demonetisation is turning into a “killer for the common people” as a staggering Rs 1.5 lakh crore of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had been lost since this was announced a week ago.

In her move to help out common man, she announced on twitter: Bengal government has decided not to impose any agricultural tax on movement of trucks for next 3 days. The order is served to save farmers and commoners. This will save perishable vegetables as thousands of trucks carrying vegetables and other essential products are stuck at different state borders because they cannot pay toll tax.

Also, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announced extention of suspension of the fee collection at all the toll plazas till November 18.

“Toll suspension is extended till 18th November midnight across all National Highways,” the Minister of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways Gadkari tweeted.

Earlier, the government had twice announced the suspension of toll collection at all toll plazas on national highways till the midnight first of November 11 and then November 14.

Banerjee said the government should roll back decision to ban 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. “My humble suggestion is not to make the people suffer,” she said.

“While common people have been victimised and crushed under weight of demonetisation, many economists now predicting an onset of recession,” she added.

Echoing the criticism of the government on currency ban Sitaram Yechury too said, government should allow old currency notes of Rs 500/1000 for public utility & state utility and give some relief to people.

He mocked government’s decision to introduce Rs 2000 notes and added “Nobody is accepting this new currency, so what is the use of introducing them.”

Post prime minister’s speach, he said, PM himself in 2014 had said that 90℅ black money is stashed abroad. He has a list of those names but he is not making them public.

He slammed government for the inconvenience of common man and added no one carry bags to fund terrorism, it is more via online transfers.

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