Maldives denies it ignored India

Maldives President

New Delhi, Feb 8: The Maldivian Embassy here on Thursday denied that its President Abdulla Yameen had sent special envoys to “friendly” China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and not to India to explain the political crisis in his country.

“A section of the Indian media has brought out news items stating that special envoy of the President has bypassed India,” the embassy said in a statement. “This is far from truth. The first stop of the special envoy of the President was India.

“Foreign Minister of Maldives Mohamed Asim, the designated special envoy of the President, was scheduled (on) February 8 to visit India but the visit was cancelled at the request of the government of India.”

According to the statement, Male was told the date was not suitable for India’s leadership and that it was “grossly misleading” to say the Maldivian government was bypassing India.

On Wednesday, President Yameen said he was sending envoys to three “friendly nations” — China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

His office said the “friendly nations” would be provided “updates on the current situation”.


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