Malaysia revokes 68 citizen’s passport over links with IS

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“They no longer have travel documents as Malaysian citizens and if they return to our country legal action in line with the Immigration Act will be initiated against them,” said Home Minister Ahmad Zahid.

Zahid said the held by Prime Minister Najib Razak two weeks ago after receiving intelligence reports.

He added there would be no negotiations with these people as the government does not want “ideological criminals” in the country, The Malaysian Star reported.

Zahid informed that wo Malaysian families had sold off all their property in Malaysia before going to Syria to join the extremist group IS, which employs them as sweepers and cleaners, and now want to return to Malaysia, but the government is unwilling to entertain people who betrayed the country and will not recognise them as Malaysians.

Over 220 jihadis have been detained in Malaysia since February 2013, and 132 Malaysians are still fighting in Iraq and Syrian territory, according to the Malaysian Home Ministry.

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