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New Delhi, July 7: Birthday is special for everyone but if someone special makes the birthday more special then the feeling is out of the world.

If your hubby’s birthday is about to come and you want to do something special on his birthday then go for the followings tips and make him feel the most important person of your life:

1. Day of awesomeness
Just make a list of his likings and plan the full day accordingly like you can surprise him with a food of his choice, and then wear the type of clothes he likes.


2. Round the clock gifting
Just say happy birthday, I Love You, I Care for You after every hour and send him some surprise gifts one and other to make him blush.

3. Prepare Special moments
Some rarest of the rare thing if you do for your husband then he will feel more love for you like upload the pics with beautiful message on social site or make a heart shape on wall with both of yours unforgettable photographs.

4. Every moment surprise
Surprise him with some exceptional values like a small and sexy love note in his pocket or when he enters his car some flowers and again a caring note on his seat.

5. Create a music video
Even if you don’t have a artsy voice then also you must do it once for your beloved husband. He will understand your feelings for him and always remember this in his heart.

6. Help him in shave
Close shaving can become so cool, sexy and even funny if you both will enjoy each other’s company. But, be careful with the razor.

7. Exchange an obligation for a date
I love this one! Ask him to do some household work and as he go, surprise him with tickets to a movie or his favourite brand watch or his old jacket with full new look.


By Shikha Mehta

Wefornews Bureau

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