‘Make Public All Financial and Land dealings of BJP & RSS in last 6 months’

randeep surjewala
Randeep Surjewala, File Photo

New Delhi: Congress on Tuesday dubbed as yet another ‘jumla’ (gimmick) Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to party legislators to submit bank account details after demonetisation and dared him to make public all financial and land dealings of BJP and RSS in the last six months.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said Modi’s move is also an attempt by him to deflect public attention from the alleged leakage of demonetisation decision, which he termed as the “biggest scam” in the country so far.

Surjewala along with party leader Sushmita Dev, accused BJP of buying properties in 18 districts of Odisha on the lines of those purchased from in Bihar.

“The manner in which revelations are coming out whereby BJP and its leaders are buying land in Odisha and Bihar, Modiji fears that all this will come out.

“All these things point out that there is need to hold a detailed probe into the alleged scam. There is need to hold a detail and thorough JPC probe into the matter,” he said.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi should stop doing theatrics and should stop hiding behind rhetoric. He should stop hiding behind ‘jumlas’. Modiji your real face stands exposed and time has come that you remove the ‘mask of jumlas’ and follow ‘Raj Dharma’.

“If you have nothing to hide, you should make public accounts of BJP and RSS and affiliate organisations six months prior to demonetisation,” he told reporters at AICC briefing.

The Congress media in-charge alleged that this is being done by Modi to divert the attention of public so that they do not ask details of accounts of his partymen before demonetisation.

Dev said, “Modi government has time and again deflected the attention of public from real issues. It is nothing but a sham and a hoax.”

Attacking Modi for bringing yet another scheme to “help black money hoarders legally convert their money”, he said, “The truth is that Narendra Modi is trying to give protection to black money holders and is devising new ways and means in doing so.”

“He is the new 50:50 PM who shares and grants concessions to black money holders,” he alleged.

Surjewala said, “the truth will come out as how much money was actually being changed from black to white, who had prior information of the demonetisation decision?”.

The Congress leader said Modi first brought out a fair and lovely scheme from June 1 to September 30, 2016 and then announced the ‘Tughlaqi decision of demonetisation’.

“When that did not work, now another new scheme under the name of ‘black money holder welfare scheme’ has been brought now.
This is Modiji’s and his government’s pledge in fighting black money.

“To avoid any questions being raised, he brought this new bill in the form of a Money Bill which was passed amid din in Lok Sabha without holding a discussion,” he said.

Surjewala said by bringing the money bill in Lok Sabha and getting it passed today, amounted to “trampling of democracy” and was a “complete affront” on authority of country’s Parliament and Constitution.

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