Major Handa used fake profile to Befriend Shailza

New Delhi, June 26: Probe into the killing of Army Major Amit Dwivedi’s wife Shailza Dwivedi has revealed that the accused Army officer, Major Nikhil Rai Handa had allegedly used a fake profile on a social networking site to befriend women. 

As per the police, when Handa was posted in Srinagar, through this account he met Shailza in 2015.

During interrogation, the police scanned two mobile phones belonging to Handa and came to know that the accused had been keeping two profiles- a “real” one where he mentioned he is an Army officer, and a “fake” one where he claims to be a Delhi-based businessman.

Not only this, the investigation also revealed that not just Shailza, Handa had been in touch with three other women from the national capital.

The police have approached the women to record their statement.

“Police found that he was using the fake account to speak with other women as well. After scanning his call detail records, police found that apart from Shailza, he was in constant touch with three other Delhi-based women, who have now been approached by police to record their statements,” The Indian Express reported citing Sources.

The accused started chatting with Shailza in 2015 and disclosed his real identity six months on, after they decided to meet. “He was then transferred to Meerut, while his family lives in Saket. But he requested for a transfer to Nagaland’s Dimapur, where he began meeting her frequently. She then introduced him to her husband Amit, and invited him to a party,” the source claimed.

On Saturday, 35-year-old Shailza Dwivedi was found with her throat slit at Brar Square. Police said that since the area is isolated, nobody spotted her body for a while. Around 1.30 pm, a water tanker driver passing by saw her lying in a pool of blood and made a PCR call.

As the investigation into the Army officer’s wife murder progresses, the Delhi Police said Major Nikhil Handa, who was arrrested on Sunday in connection with the murder, was apparently obsessed with the woman and wanted to marry her.

According to media reports Major Nikhil Rai Handa returned to the crime scene where he dumped her body near Delhi Cantt Metro station but turned back on seeing the police personnel. He then allegedly fled to Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, from where he was arrested on Sunday morning.


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