Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake hits Turkey

Earthquake Turkey

At least fourteen people were killed when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook eastern part of the country on Friday.

Govt’s disaster & emergency management agency said, the quake shook the Sivrice district in th eastern province of Elazig at around 8.55 pm

Eight people were killed in Elazig and six more in the neighbouring province of Malatya, Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) said. Regional governors said hundreds of people were injured.

State broadcaster TRT showed footage of police and emergency workers searching a partly collapsed building in Elazig. Windows were smashed and balconies had crashed to the ground.

At another collapsed building, teams worked with their hands to remove bricks and plaster from the ruins.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu described the earthquake as a “Level 3” incident according to the country’s emergency response plan. This means it requires assistance at the national level but is one stage short of needing international help.

The quake struck in a remote, relatively sparsely populated area and it could take some time for authorities to establish the full extent of damage.

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