Madhya Pradesh: Sub-inspector lynched in Chhindwara


Chhindwara, July 25: An Assistant Sub-Inspector who had gone to arrest a wanted criminal was lynched to death by a group of criminals in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, police said on Wednesday.

Eight persons have been taken into custody in the case.

Umreth police station ASI Dev Chand Nagle had gone to Jamunia Jethu village to arrest Johar Singh, against whom an arrest warrant had been issued, when the group of 8-10 persons armed with axes and batons attacked him on Tuesday night, Additional Superintendent of Police Neeraj Soni told IANS.

The ASI was accompanied by another police official, apart from a revenue official. However, the police personnel were unarmed.

Nagle was attacked, while another cop managed to save his life by escaping from the spot.


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