Madhya Pradesh Minister makes controversial remark on reservation, after criticism changes stance

Bhopal, April 16: Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Madhya Pradesh Minister Gopal Bhargava stoked a controversy saying the reservation system often does not work in the best of interests of the people or the country.

Citing the unfair nature of selection for a job or for admissions into a college, the BJP leader stated people who get 90 percent marks don’t get preference against those who attain just 40 percent.

Such a practice may have adverse effects on the nation in the longer run, he added.

“If the eligibility process is bypassed in a way that a person with 40 percent marks is selected over someone with 90 percent, such a practice may be harmful for the country (Yadi yogyata ko darkinar kar ke ayogya logon ka chayan kiya jaaega, yadi 90 percent waale ko baitha diya jaaega aur 40 percent wale ki niyukti ki jaaegi toh ye desh ke liye ghatak hai),” news agency ANI quoted Bhargava as saying.

However, after witnessing flak the MP BJP leader justified his stance stating, “My remarks have been misconstrued, I deeply respect the constitutionally accepted reservations, also, nowhere in my speech did I mention the word reservation”.


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