Lucknow University issues advisory for Valentine’s day, students call it an example of ‘Chhoti Soch’

Lucknow University
Lucknow University

Many extremist groups have started their drive to oppose Valentine’s day throughout India. The members of ‘Shakti Sena’ took to the streets yesterday in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore to protest against the celebration of ValentinesDay on 14 February.

Whereas in Hyderabad Members of Bajrang Dal visit pubs & presents a memo to their owners to not to organize any special events on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Unnecessary and rigid actions on valentines day by the so-called protectors of Indian civilization is not new but the shock came when Lucknow university issued an advisory to students to remain inside the classes and rooms.

According to news agency ANI, the Lucknow University issues advisory to its students to not to roam inside the premises of the university on Valentine’s Day (14.2.2018). Disciplinary action will be taken against whosoever is found violating the advisory.

Meanwhile speaking on the move by the University the students called it an example of Chhoti Soch adding, ‘You’ve declared a holiday on that day, but telling students to not enter university premises isn’t right at all. If we won’t enter the university, then who will?’



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