Love your health this Valentine’s Day

With the day of love, Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is no better time to shower some love on your body, mind and soul. Ditch the unhealthy food you would usually indulge in on February 14 and opt for some delicious healthy alternatives that you can relish with your loved one.

Health food brand Gaia’s director Dolly Kumar shares how:


* If you plan on surprising your loved one with a breakfast in bed on this special day, why not have him or her wake up to a bowl of strawberry muesli with chopped fruits and skimmed milk? A healthy mix of oats, wheat flakes, corn flakes and laced with the goodness of strawberry, this power-food is low on calories and high on taste.

* Many people are already brainstorming about all the romantic cocktails that could be concocted for their loved ones on this special day. Why not prepare a steaming cup of green tea and jasmine? It is the perfect blend to indulge in while enjoying a lazy afternoon with your loved one at home.



* Win your way to that special someone’s heart by cooking a delicious home-cooked meal with light olive oil. A great alternative to regular cooking oil and ideal for almost all cuisines, the oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acids and has a light texture that would go well with your dish.


honey* Opt for honey instead of sugar. It is a natural sweetener and a great alternative to chocolate and processed sugar.


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