Love India for its diversity and versatility: Robert Vadra posts video


New Delhi, July 28 In a video that went viral on social media, businessman Robert Vadra on Sunday expressed his love for India due to its “diversity and versatility” and posted a video of a cow.

“Love India for its diversity and versatility!!,” the son-in-law of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and husband of Congress General Secretary wrote on his Facebook post.

“You can go out in the streets and learn so much… Help people and see the appreciation in their large genuine smiles and get roses in return… You could also know your future (from) a sacred cow who nods its head in agreement. Love being part of this amazing country.”

Vadra shared a 17-second video of the cow standing next to a Hindu holy man which reportedly answers people’s queries by nodding or shaking its head.

Vadra, seated in a car, asks the man: “Can it (cow) tell me everything?”

The man responds: “Yes, she will tell everything and will bless you. This is the sacred month of Sawan.”

The holy man then urges the cow to go near Vadra who is seated inside his car.

“Hello darling, hello baby,” says Vadra, affectionately petting the cow.

Vadra also shared pictures of some children giving him flowers.

The 50-year-old businessman is very active on social media and he keeps on sharing posts, including his visits to different places and his opinions on various issues.

On Saturday, he shared some pictures of his visit to the National War Memorial in Delhi to mark the 20th anniversary of the Kargil War.

“I am truly overwhelmed with emotions and I feel indebted towards our armed forces for their sacrifices. I salute the martyrs who laid down their lives for our country. My heart goes out to their respective families who lost everything for us,” he wrote on the post.

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