Look Sexy in Skirts from Summer to Monsoon!


New Delhi, Aug 16: Summers are hot and skirts are very light to wear as it keeps the heat away and make you easy in dress.

If you feel comfortable in skirts then must go for trendy skirts which are popular these days. Have a look on different types of skirts:


                                                                                    A-line Skirt

A-line skirt is tight emphasising the hips and then flares out at the bottom. The A-line skirt suits on the one who’s back is in proper shape.


                                                                                               Bubble Skirt

Bubble skirt gives its perfect look when tucked back under. It gives a much curvier looks and hence is not a good option who are bulky.


                                                                                     Draped Skirt

This skirt gives sexy look, you can carry it even in parties. When it is draped at the waits and gives an extreme slimming effect.


                                                                           Flamingo Skirt

These skirts are long in length, evolved from the gyspsy cult. These normally consist of wrinkled and ruffled up horizontal tiers of fabric.


                                                                             Bustle Skirts

These can be carry with crop tops and corsets, earlier worn with stockings and garters to shape their dresses.


                                                                                      Circular Skirts

This skirt makes a perfect circle at the hem. It usually has a skinny waistline and flares out like an A-line. The longer variation can be wear at office as a formal wear.

By Shikha Mehta

Wefornews Bureau


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