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Sydney, May 19: If you also want to have a good and shiny skin, eat enough fruit and vegetables, according to a study of Australian researchers.

When you consume more fruits and vegetables, you can get most attractive face based on levels of melanin (tanning), or carotenoid coloration,in a research of University of Newcastle, New South Wales,

The participants were showed facial images on computer screens, to adjust the axis where they thought the image looked as “healthy as possible” reported by Kristine Pezdirc.

“They had three different experiments where they would look at the melanin axis, then they would look at the carotenoid axis, and then in the last experiment they were both combined, so that is where we got the result of seeing that they preferred the carotenoid to the melanin,” Pezdirc said.

Fruit and vegetables contain pigments which get absorbed by skin while eating in good amount.

“If you eat a lot of carrots, or other orange fruits, your skin colour can actually change in hue, the carotenoid in the actual pigmentation that changes the skin colour when you are eating these fruits and vegetables,” Pezdirc said.

This will influence young people to eat more fruit and vegetables in their diet.

General expert consensus worldwide suggests that people should eat at least five servings of vegetables, and two servings of fruit per day, as part of a healthy diet.

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