Long queue of slippers outside bank in Varanasi


Varanasi, 14 Nov: In the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s adopted village Varanasi, a bizarre scene was seen around 9 am after people kept their slippers in line outside a bank to exchange the old currency notes.

Nearly 100 sets of slippers, some having chits on top of them with name of their owners, were seen in the queue along with about 50 men and women standing outside a bank in Jayapur village who came to exchange and withdraw their money.

The harried villagers, after waiting for hours, decided this idea of holding their place in queue with slippers.

People are facing a lot of hurdles in getting the new currency notes especially who needed it urgently.

55-year-old Sahrunissa, whose daughter Tajo, 20, is getting married on November 22, is struggling hard to get the cash. The mother-daughter duo were standing in line for hours to get at least Rs. 20,000 from their two Jan Dhan accounts.
Sahrunissa’s son, Zahid said he was worried how his family will meet daily expenses as the family’s daily income is not much and they largely rely on cash. “I don’t know if we’ll manage to do all this today. I am worried for my sister, “said the 15- year-old standing in line with his sister.

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