Long daytime nap may increase diabetes risk

long nap

Tokyo,Sep 15: Do you love taking a long nap during the day? Be careful, as it could be a warning sign for Type-2 diabetes.

A study  led by Yamada Tomahide from the University of Tokyo, the team conducted a meta-analysis of observational studies involving more than 300,000 people.

The research  found that long daytime naps of more than 60 minutes may lead to a 45 per cent increased risk of Type-2 diabetes, compared with no daytime napping. people who were less healthy or in the early stages of diabetes were more likely to nap for longer during the day.

People with long-term illnesses and undiagnosed diabetes often felt tired during the day, the researchers said.
“It’s likely that risk factors which lead to diabetes also cause napping. This could include slightly high sugar levels, meaning napping may be an early warning sign of diabetes,” Naveed Sattar, Professor at the University of Glasgow, was cited by bbc.com as saying in a comment on the research findings.

Long naps  and sleeping disorder could increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke, cardiovascular problems and other metabolic disorders, including Type-2 diabetes.

In a contrary ,shorter naps (less than 40 minutes), were more likely to increase alertness and motor skills, the researchers noted.

The findings were presented at 2016 European Association for the Study of Diabetes Meeting in Munich, Germany, recently.


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