Rajnath appeals for peace, pellet will have an alternative soon


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited Jammu and Kashmir for two days in order to find a solution for the ongoing chaos in the valley.

Rajnath Singh said while addressing the press conference that, “Experts have made their suggestions. Within a few days we will find an alternative to the pellet guns.”

Rajnath Singh, in a press conference in Jammu assured that the security forces will be provided with the alternative of Pellet Guns. Rajnath has implored the security forces to stay calm and patient.

Rajnath Singh in the press conference appealed the Kashmiris to maintain peace and said that the elements who are trying to mislead the youth of Kashmiris should not encourage them to pick up stones.

Rajnath Singh noted that without the future of Kashmir India’s future cannot exist. He added that we are ready to interact with everybody within the boundaries of Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat aur Jamhooriat. The government is looking for a solution to find peace in the valley.

The use of pellet guns in the valley started from 2010. Pellet is considered to be a non-lethal weapon but if it is used on someone from a shorter range and hits the sensitive parts of the body then its damage can be painful and permanent. Many Kashmiri youths, children have lost their eyesight due to pellets. The other day, an  18-year-old boy lost his life too.

The Pellet guns had been widely criticised and frowned upon by many opposition parties. In Jammu and Kashmir, oppositions are against the use of pellets in the valley. The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah met Prime Minister Modi to discuss the same issue.

Though Rajnath Singh has assured to find an alternative  for the pellet gun until then, the use of pellet gun will not stop.

Here is what Rajnath Singh and Mehbooba Mufti said in the Press Conference:

  • Centre to soon appoint a Nodal officer to help Kashmiris in distress living anywhere in the country: HM Rajnath Singh
  •  Our youth is used by some elements as a shield to attack Army camps. They want our children to suffer: J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti
  •  We are ready to interact with everybody within the boundaries of Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat aur Jamhooriat: Rajnath
  •  In 2010 pellet guns were the least damaging weapon, but we seek an alternative: HM Rajnath Singh
  •  Without the future of Kashmir, the future of India cannot exist: HM Rajnath Singh
  • I have asked Mehooba ji to bring all possible measures for all party delegation: Home Minister Rajnath Singh
  • Rest of India’s future is incomplete without Kashmir: HM Rajnath Singh
  • We have to identify those elements who are trying to mislead some of our youth in Kashmir: HM Rajnath Singh
  • I have said it before also, youth in Kashmir should have pens, books and computers in their hands, not stones: HM Rajnath Singh
  •  I have met about 300 people during my visit. I had said before coming. I will meet anyone who wants to talk: HM Rajnath Singh in Srinagar
  •  I had meetings with more than 20 delegations here. All want peace in Kashmir: Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Srinagar.
  •  Almost 95 percent people of the state do not want violence, they want peace. We have to reach out to them: J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti

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