Litany of errors by government in handling situation: Manish Tewari on J&K terror attacks

Feb 13, New Delhi: Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari on Tuesday described the contemporary situation in Jammu and Kashmir disturbing and said there has been a litany of errors by the government in its handling the situation with Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference, Tewari said “It’s a very disturbing situation that has evolved in J&K. On one hand PDP has filed an FIR on an Army General and on the other, BJP is distancing itself from this. Then you have the BJP trying to shed crocodile tears and distances itself from that FIR but the PDP-BJP Government does nothing to withdraw that FIR and the father of the officer has to finally approach the Supreme Court to get an order that no coercive steps would be taken.

The Defence Minister of India says that we will respond to Pakistan at an appropriate time, Tewari added.

We would like to ask this Government, he questioned does it has a policy towards Pakistan?

The Congress leader said it would be extremely inappropriate if we do not underscore that there have been 206 major terror attacks in the past 45 months. In the past 44 days since 2018 started, there have been 160 major ceasefire violations along the line of control and the international border.

Since the beginning of Modi Government term, the number of ceasefire violations along the line of control and the international border stand at close to 2,474. At a point in time when our brave soldiers are combating the depredations of thee militants, the ally of the BJP – the PDP with whom they are running a Government has come out with a statement that we should talk to Pakistan.


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