Like notes ban, Quota bill another jumla by Modi government: Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, Jan 9: During the debate on the 10 percent quota bill in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, Congress leader Kapil Sibal in his address attacked the Centre saying ‘Like notes ban, this quota bill is another jumla by this government”.

“Like notes ban, this quota bill is also flawed: This is another jumla by this government”, said the former Union Minsiter.

“More jobs are being lost than being created. 1.7 lakh jobs were added by Govt during Modi Govt’s tenure and going by the estimates, only 4,400 jobs will go to EWS/year through the Quota Bill and this country is crying out for jobs, not reservation”.

Sibal accused the Narendra Modi government of not ‘applying their minds’ while framing the bill and asked if any data has been collected in this regard.

“You might have thought the bill will brighten up your face and elevate your otherwise saddened situation. But the country can only be happy, if the people of the country are happy”.

The Congress leader also targetted the Narendra Modi government for not sending the bill to select committee. “You don’t want that the bill goes to select committee, I don’t know what was the urgency”, he said.


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