Life Quotes to keep you happy

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Its is not always that something can make you happy but there are something which can take your  life a step ahead towards happiness.

 Sometimes embracing your mistakes is better than embarrassing on your mistakes.mistake-wefornews
Sometimes accepting one’s all qualities is better than expecting all quality in one.couple11-wefornews

Sometimes leaving out the problems is better solution than living with the problem to find out the solution.Couple-wefornews

 Sometimes making one’s lie your reality is better than realising your reality can’t be a lie.spot_liar-wefornews

Sometimes avoiding is better than reacting loud and getting void.

Sometimes a defeat after winning over your anger is better than a victory after loosing your anger.anger-wefornews

Sometimes finding yourself in alone is better than searching yourself around a mob. you-wefornews


By- Shivangi Raghav

‌Wefornews Bureau

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