Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri withdraws his resignation

Beirut, Dec 5: Lebanons Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday announced the withdrawal of his resignation after the cabinet concluded its session held in Baabda Palace and chaired by President Michel Aoun.

Prime Minister Hariri read the final statement which stressed that Lebanon sticks to the dissociation policy and Taef Accord, IANS quoted citing news report of the state-run Al Manaar.

“The government has unanimously approved a statement pledging compliance with a policy of dissociation, the president’s oath of office in terms of dissociating the country from regional conflicts and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” he added.

Earlier, last week Hariri had announced that he was going to officially withdraw his resignation sometime this week if “positive circumstances” continue.

According to Lebanese officials, Saudi Arabia coerced Hariri into steeping down and held him there against his will until an intervention by France led to his return to Lebanon last week, however, Saudi Arabia refuted the charge.

Wefornews Bureau 

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