Lack of cash stops trucks; food supplies likely to be hit

Uttar Pradesh, Nov 15 : The lack of cash due to demonetization has left nearly 40% of trucks plying in western parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Paschimi UP Transport Association (PUPTA) said that that most commodities were supplied through trucks instead of trains, and if the problem continues , it could cause a shortage of essential commodities, including pulses and perishables like vegetables and fruits.
Association members will also conduct a meeting to get the trucks moving and send their suggestions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
State general secretary of PUPTA, Amarjeet Singh Bakshi, told TOI , “Nearly 40% of trucks have been stranded in western UP since November 10. If the problem continues for a week, a condition of unofficial strike will prevail.”
“Truck drivers need money to meet expenses on the road and we do not have enough cash in lower denominations. Even if we give them a Rs 2,000 note+ , it will be of no use as dhaba owners and mechanics may not have enough change to give them while the drivers are on their way to deliver a consignment,” said Bakshi.

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