Lack of border fencing leads cattle smuggling

India Bangladesh Border Cattle Smuggling

New Delhi, October 8: According to head of Dhaka border guards, the menace of cattle smuggling is flourishing on India Bangladesh border due to riverine belt that lacks border fencing.

Major General Aziz Ahmed, DG of BGB, was here to take part in the 43rd Director General-level border dialogue between India and Bangladesh from September 30 to October 4.

Ahmed said due to 21 % of reverine belt without border fencing it gets difficult to stop cattle smuggling. He said: “The smuggling is done in groups of several animals through many rivers Bangladesh shares with India where there is no fencing.”

He also said that clashes between smugglers and border security forces, Border Guard Bangladesh lead to maximum killings.

As per the data revealed by Indian government, 25 Bangladeshi smugglers and 3 BSF troops were killed between January 2015 and October 4 this year while trying to stop cattle smuggling from India to Bangladesh. He also highlighted that as most of the killings were of smugglers belonging to Bangladeshi origin, it was a major concern for him.

India and Bangladesh share a 4,096 km porous border. Official data shows that some 1,000 km of the border is a riverine belt while 148 villages lie in a narrow strip between the border fence and the international border. Another 137 villages are partially in Bangladesh. In the riverine belt where the fence lacks, it gets difficult to stop the cattle smugglers’ activities, he added.

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