Kolkata gets ‘Food ATM’

Food ATM

Kolkata, Aug 23: ‘Food ATM’, a leftover concept which can feed the poor and needy in the city. It is a 320-litre refrigerator, an initiative taken by a restaurateur ensuring the people do not go hungry.

Asif Ahmed, the co-owner of Sanjha Chulha restaurant chain, started the ‘Food ATM’ with support of three organisations (Rotary, Round Table, JITO) in  Park Circus to stop food wastage and feed the needy.

“It’s a transparent door refrigerator that is used to store food items. We are educating our customers to pack the leftover food and donate it. In addition to the leftovers from our outlet, people of the city are coming and donating food. Biriyani and bread are some of the common items. They are putting in fresh food as well,” Ahmed told.

The refrigerator is topped with a placard saying “the amount of food India wastes annually is enough to feed entire Egypt for a year”.

Ahmed said the ‘Food ATM’ was inspired by similar concepts in different parts of the world.

“One doesn’t need any card to access the food. It’s just the hunger that lets one access what they need. We are getting a good response from locals,” he said.

Ahmed will extend the plan in other parts of the city at his other three outlets with initial ivestment costs around Rs 50,000.

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