Know how to heal your break up trauma

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New Delhi, 25 May, 2017: Happiness and sadness are the two phases of life , similarly when some people enjoy the first feel of ‘love is in the air’, some try to struggle with loneliness after break up.

But you don’t need to worry more, as we have some tips which can help you to come out of that.

1. Listen to cheerful songsCheerful songs

The most important part of life is music..nah not that sad and emotional songs. This is the time when you need only party songs that makes you crazy all the time. Significantly you will start feeling out of the world.

2. Plan a triptravel

The most useful therapy to come out of any trauma is go out of the stress, worries to feel the freshness of nature, naughty hilly moods that will force you to enjoy the present rather than sticking to your past. So just pack your bags and go out!

3. Don’t miss any partyParty

When its time to chill out then never think of avoiding it. Just because you don’t have your soulmate don’t feel you don’t have any soul. Just go mad and cheer up with your friends.

4. Be Participativegossip-girls

Whether it is debate, social issue, general gossip, family function or anything don’t behave like you are in depression, start sharing your views which will help you out to leave all the ignorant things behind, that are creating an hindrance in your life.

5. Don’t be a sympathy seekersympathy

Yeah! You need somebody beside you this time. But it’s the time where you have to fight on your own. Do not start the emotional drama, crying in front of everyone as others can not take your sorrows away. They can just sympathize you But in the last only you have to fight. So show your strong sides when its the weaker time.

6. Hit the dance floorgirl-dancing

When your are at home and getting nothing to do just thinking about all that past then play the beats and hit the floors. Dance as much as you can as it will unable you to express your feelings through dance which will come out and you will feel good.

7. Don’t underestimate yourselfwomen

In mostly break up cases, we start cursing ourselves for everything, whether it’s our look, our behaviour or anything, which is the biggest disadvantage that takes you back. Just feel that you are on the top and its only you who lies on first in everything. Then you will realise that the world is behind you.

So it’s time for you to leave behind all the painful memories and move on in your life, as there are numerous things ahead which are waiting only for you.

– Shivangi Raghav

Wefornews Bureau

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