Kiran Bedi ‘defaming’ people of Chennai, must apoloigise : Stalin

Mk Stalin
Mk Stalin

Chennai, July 1 Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi remarks on the Chennai water crisis has triggered a storm in Tamil Nadu, with DMK president MK Stalin accusing Kiran Bedi of defaming the people of the state. Stalin said Bedi’s remarks are an insult to Chennai and that she must apologise.

Demanding immediate recall of Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi,Stalin said, “Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi has defamed the people of Tamil Nadu. I tried to raise this issue in the Assembly but they didn’t allow me to do it. Minister CV Shanmugam also protested but both our remarks have been expunged. So, we walked out,” Stalin told reporters.

The DMK had walked out of the Assembly amid an uproar over Bedi’s remarks. According to Stalin, in a WhatsApp conversation with journalists, Bedi referred to the people of Tamil Nadu as “selfish and cowards”.

Bedi had on Sunday tweeted: “Question with Possible Answers: India’s 6th largest city #Chennai has become the first city in the country to run dry. The same city was in floods due to copious rains just 4 years back. Where lies the problem? Ans: Poor Govenance, Corrupt Politics, Indifferent Bureaucracy.”

Taking offence to the tweet, Stalin issued a statement saying that she was crossing her limits in making comments on matters that did not concern her.

According to Stalin, many from Tamil Nadu were serving in the nation’s armed forces bravely laying down their lives protecting the country.

“Just because the people of Tamil Nadu defeated the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls, Bedi described them as cowards and selfish. This shows not only her arrogance but also her dominating attitude,” said Stalin.

“Could Bedi have remained in her post had she made such demeaning comments against the people of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar?” he asked.

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