King Khan offers job to a fan on twitter


The Superstar Shahrukh Khan who has a huge fan following across the world. The actor has played double role in his upcoming big flick ‘fan’.

Recently the actor was overwhelmed when a fan recreated an exactly similar ‘Fan’ trailer by replacing himself in place of Gaurav Channa’s character. Realising his jabra fan’s talent, King Khan replied to him on Twitter and offered a job in his team. The Baadshah wrote, “Come and work with us at the v fx studio man. Well done.”

Shivam Jemini, an amateur VFX artist, created his own version of the ‘Fan’ trailer by outstandingly replaced Shah Rukh Khan in the video. He is also seen lip syncing Gaurav’s dialogues in the trailer.

The SRK fan also requests the viewers to either enjoy it or ignore it but not to criticize it. Shivam has also given a message at the end of the video, which reads,

“He inspired us from the beginning and is still doing the same. We never just want to meet him or greet him, we always want to be a man like him, as hard working an humble like him. Thank you so much sir.”

Well, if you are also an passionate fan of SRK, you now know what to do next if you wish to work alongside the superstar.

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