Killer Son: Stabs dad 36 times, blows up neighbour’s flat


NEW DELHI, 9 Jan: This face of a son can be experienced, a father had never thought but indeed a horrible sight was witnessed in east Delhi apartment on Sunday afternoon.

A 38-year-old former merchant navy officer in a bid to hack his 60-year-old father to death went on a stabbing spree.

36 times he allegedly stabbed his father inside the flat after attacking a society guard. When father tried to escape, he was chased and stabbed as he crawled all the way to the guardroom downstairs.

All the scary killing sequence was captured by CCTV cameras. The suspected killed, Rahul Matta, then went upstairs and allegedly stabbed a woman neighbour in her flat.

But it didn’t end there. He then tried to take another neighbour hostage and locked himself in his house.

When police tried to chase the man, he switched on the LPG supply and blew up the flat, injuring at least nine policemen who had arrived at the scene of the mayhem.

However, the man was rescued from the burning flat after an hour-long drama. Police will interrogate him upon discharge.

Rahul, who had been expelled from the merchant navy and jailed twice, had been disowned by his father, Ravinder Matta, a fortnight ago and forced to move out from the house.

  Wefornews Bureau

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