Killer Selfie: 20-year-old tries to take picture with female friend, drowns


HYDERABAD, Sept 12: Yet again, craze for selfie took a life of a young guy.  This time, a young man who went to a water body in Shamirpet with his friend became the victim of this life seeking selfie. As they both were posing for a selfie together, the boy suddenly slipped into the water and died on Monday.

According to the Shamirpet police, 20-year-old Srinivas Krishna Abhishek went to Hanumalkunta around 11 am. The water body is at an isolated placed and is surrounded by trees.

Both started taking selfies in the area in an attempt to capture the beauty of the surrounding, but the surrounding was not as beautiful as it looked.

He was standing on the edge or better to say on the brink of death.

“Suddenly, Srinivas either slipped or took a step backward and fell into the water. Both Srinivas and his friend did not know how to swim. Srinivas drowned,’‘ sub-inspector A Naveen Reddy told TOI.

Immediately after he fell, Srinivas’s friend began to search for people to come to his rescue. She informed someone after going some distance, but it was too late.

Srinivas drowned along with the mobile phone with which he was taking the photos. Police said there was no evidence to show how the incident took place, besides the woman’s word.

Wefornews Bureau

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