Kiki challenge is foolish; quit smoking, alcohol instead: Goa Police

Kiki Challenge

Panaji, Aug 4: In an advisory issued on Saturday, the Goa Police traffic cell warned drivers against mimicking the Kiki challenge which has gone viral on social media, calling the act “highly dangerous” and instead implored people to take up the challenge to quit alcohol and smoking.

“People have been urged to stay away from such foolish challenges, even if some crazy celebrities are doing it,” Traffic Superintendent Dinraj Govekar said in a statement.

“Instead they have been asked to take some other good challenges such as clearing competitive examination, staying fit and healthy, helping poor and needy, quitting smoking or alcohol,” the state’s Information and Publicity division said.

The Kiki Challenge is “highly dangerous to one’s own safety and that of other road users”, the statement said and added that strict action under the Motor Vehicle Act and Indian Penal Code, including arrest and confiscation of vehicle, could take place for filming the challenge.

The Kiki challenge, which has gone viral all over the world involves people jumping out of moving cars to dance to Canadian rapper Drake’s song “In My Feelings”.

Police in several Indian states have already issued advisories against emulation of the challenge.


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