Khattar Govt making conspiracy against the Congress leaders’:Surjewala

randeep surjewala
Randeep Surjewala, File Photo

Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son Robert Vadra’s land deal in which Haryana government inquiry set up by the Commission Chairman Justice SN Dhingra , is accused of taking bribes from the BJP,says Congress Spokes person Randeep Surjewala.

RS Surjewala says, Khattar government to prepare its own report to the Trust of Justice Dhingra’s benefit.He said that the another report is being prepared by the Justice Dhingra .

Dhingra has To submit a report till August.Surjewal charged Justice Dhingra as he fights to take advantage from the from the government. Surjewala said, Justice Dhingra, taking advantage of their trust has lost its objectivity and they have no right to continue in the post.

Congress castigated Khattar govt and it is ruled unconstitutional. Surjewala jibe on CM Khattar and said,CM consitituted this Commission is in hurry.


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