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After you hear the rave about ketogenic diet propelled by various celebrity artist and wellness influencers, you might decide effectuating it as a test-drive for yourself. Despite the regular hypes, people are still blur of the facts based with ketogenic diet and how does it works? In essence, it’s a consumption of certain prep of meals that cause the body to unleash ketones into the bloodstream. Keto – diet is used for controlling the circulation of blood sugar from food and thus start breaking down stored fats absorbed from previous crabs into molecules called Ketone Bodies. Also known as the process of ketosis. There are a lot of interest shown by some people at the same time some came up with abuzz controversial debates about keto diet and its effect. After a lot of combination and permutation, keto diet still managed to become one of the most popular wellness trend of 2018.

People mostly embarking on intermittent fasting along with ketogenic diet for fitness & weight loss, as it helps to drop pounds comparatively faster than the traditional weight loss plan. But without fully understanding the mechanism, people try diving and adopting the lifestyle without actually knowing the facts and history based with it; they wind up without the improvement they’d had hoped for and thus suffer various nasty mental and physical health consequences.

Dr Sujatha Valarwar, Health and Lifestyle Coach and Nutrition Consultant, revealed about Myths of Ketogenic – “diet is not about avocado roses or peeling apples for real. While people want to jump start with keto or already in a flow with the diet are not meeting the fit and healthy results due to myths listed below.

  1. Keto – diet is the only effective therapy for weight loss
  2. Fruits and Veggies contains high crabs, thus cannot be eaten
  3. Keto – diet is applicable to all
  4. It’s all about eating butter and bacon
  5. Keto-diet plans are high in protein
  6. There should be only one keto-diet plan followed by all.”

Let’s see how it works and to whom it is applicable.

Keto for Real –

Initially, the ketogenic diet consist of high fat, low carbohydrate, controlled protein diet was originally developed in 1920’s for the treatment of patients with refractory epilepsy not responding to anti – convulsant.

She said, “At least half the children with epilepsy were benefited with this with reduction in the frequency of seizures.

  • It’s basically a food with very low carbohydrates, and with macros in a ratio of 4:1 ratio of fat, as to protein and carbohydrates.
  • A ketogenic diet as it is very low in carbs as low as 5 % , and since body uses sugars as fuel, when the sugars are very low, body uses fat as fuel as ketones , which are the by-products of fat metabolism and that’s why it’s called a ketogenic diet.
  • There is a lot of interest and debate about keto diet and its effect in diabetes control. For some people with diabetes are keen to follow ketogenic diet, is an effective approach to reduce weight and control the blood sugar level. It has been shown to be beneficial in patients of Type 2 diabetes, has shown to provide good glycaemic control, with reduced HbA1c values. It’s a good diet to achieve diabetic control and possibly reduce medication, for a limited period of 4 – 5 months. A typical keto meal consists of 75% of fat, 20% protein and 5 % carbs. However, there is not enough evidence of the long term effects of this diet.”
  • It is not advised to follow this diet in pregnant women, lactating mothers, people having eating disorders or suffering from kidney diseases.
  • It’s a very restricted diet, difficult to sustain for long. Many patients find it difficult to follow after some time. It may cause some fogging, headaches and potential danger of diabetic ketoacidosis.
  • The diets can include eggs, chicken, poultry, cheese, eggs, salads, no starch vegetables, olives, butter etc. One has to avoid starchy vegetables, breads, rice, cakes, pastries and sweets while on this diet. Since it restricts intake of fruits and many vegetables, there may be deficiency of vitamins, minerals etc. Also since the protein intake is very low, muscle mass may be affected. And in patients with coexisting cardio vascular disorders it may be harmful.

She recommended that the keto diet has been found to be useful, it is an extreme diet and difficult to sustain on it for a long time. It is advisable to follow a more balanced, practical diet planning, depending on the individuals, based on lifestyle, metabolic state, cultural background and individual preferences. A more sustainable, subtle energy deficit with some fresh fruit while avoiding high glycaemic index foods is a good way to achieve long term results.

  • Whole grain, high fibre foods, low in saturated fat, when carefully planned at regular intervals and timings is important for a long sustaining control over diabetes. Healthy habits and combined with physical activity, to build muscle and a healthy lifestyle, combined with stress management and a positive outlook contribute a lot to a healthy life
  • There is nothing like a life style change that includes a good exercise regimen, consumption of whole foods, vegetables and healthy habits, combined with a personalised and supervised diet program, which aims at a long term and long lasting benefits. Thus a keto diet should be tried only when there are few other alternatives.
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Shop online safely and wisely for types of attires



shopping online

Shopping online is not just a trend but also a necessity in the modern time. Most of the people are seen shopping online to save time as well as money. But there are some general problems faced while shopping online like the size, colour and most importantly the safety. Every piece of clothing, one should have an idea of what you’re willing to spend. It becomes very irritating ordering online when the things ordered don’t turn out as per the expectation. It can also be said that online shopping has developed a global phenomenon and has endorsed customers the opportunity to sit back, relax and shop comfortably without the hassle. But for all others who want to shop online, here are some tips and tricks suggested by Benita Vira Sahani that will reduce the disappointment after buying online –

Be technically sound

This is the most important thing to be technically sound when buying online. While using the password use it securely and buy clothes from recognized websites only. Watch out for the Shopping App’s, do proper research on them, just don’t go for discounts while shopping. Avoid new unknown APP’s or sites, take guidance from people who have already shopped from these sites to save your displeasure. Don’t go experimental on new sites read the reviews before buying about the site and also talk with trustable sources who have bought from the site to be safe fully.

Check the fit

Check the dimensions given when you’re shopping online, measurements are given in the UK, US size while shopping online. Compare the size of the Indian standard size and with your own measurements before placing an order. Also one must spot the ‘made in tag’, sometimes one may think they are shopping from an international portal and end up buying clothes from local brands or same country.

Check for the colour and the fabric quality

Sometimes colour that was not ordered comes to us, causing a big disappointment. For the same one must check the colour chart and the fabric chart properly before finalizing on the attire that one wants to buy. The colour chart plays an important role while buying the clothes online. One must check the nearby colours and then finalize on one.

Check the packaging

If the packaging not as per the standard one must check the product/cloth properly in front of the delivery person and return if any problem is found. Opt for cash on delivery most of the time as it will save one from the process of refund.

It is observed that a lot of young generation and the working community like to shop online as it is convenient and sometimes it saves money also. The guidelines to be followed while shopping online to avoid frustration later is buy from a trusted website, check the tag and the price of the item properly, avid using public wi-fi, check the size properly and try to go for online delivery. By shopping online, make the occasion easier, so that one can avoid the mall rush while getting some last minute shopping done and get the best deals too.

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This extra-marital dating platform for the married keeping Indians busy



extra marital Affair Cheat
Representative Image

New Delhi, Feb 19: It is time to move on from dating apps like Tinder or Bumble as a French online dating community platform called Gleeden – the world’s first extra-marital dating website for married people – is making waves in India.

Primarily marketed to women – specifically those who are already in a relationship – the platform was launched in France in 2009 and arrived in India in 2017.

Today, it has over 4.9 million registered users globally, mostly from the European Union. In India, it has crossed over 300,000 subscribers within less than two years of its launch. is run by a female team and is completely free for women users.

However, “men are evaluated by women and are charged from anywhere from Rs 750 to Rs 9,500 to join the platform”, says the platform.

According to media reports, the age group is between 34 and 49 years. Several professionals such as lawyers, doctors and senior executives have joined the platform in India.

“I’ve met many charming men who have been very nice to me. I had a relationship with one of them for over a year. We have shared wonderful moments, we spent nights and even weekends together… Intimacy was important, but that was not the most important thing between us…,” writes Senorita30, a 38-year-old who has been married for 18 years, on 

A 44-year-old man who goes by the name “Dating4Fun” and married for 15 years, says he subscribed to Gleeden two years ago. 

“I’ve met different people, but that didn’t really lead anywhere at the beginning. First, I’ve lived a beautiful story with someone that ended up a few months later. I’ve been in an amazing new relationship for about eight months now. It feels so good!” he posted.

The platform says it guarantees anonymity and has a strict 24/7 moderation policy for a qualitative community of members.

In order to join the platform, one has to fill several personal details, like number of children, marital status, sexual orientation, occupation, income, smoker, figure, ethinicity, hair colour and length, eye colour and hobbies. 

“Free for women! For men, there is a credits-based system without obligation,” said the platform.


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Smoking may damage immunity of skin cancer patients: Study




Smoking may damage the immune response against melanoma and limit patients’ survival chances, according to a new study.

Melanoma patients with a history of smoking cigarettes are 40 per cent less likely to survive their skin cancer than people who have never smoked within a decade after their diagnosis, according to the study, published in the journal Cancer Research.

Other researchers have reported that smoking have adverse effects on the immune system, but it is not yet known which chemicals are responsible for this.

“The immune system is like an orchestra, with multiple pieces. This research suggests that smoking might disrupt how it works together in tune, allowing the musicians to continue playing but possibly in a more disorganised way,” said lead researcher Julia Newton-Bishop, Professor at the University of Leeds.

Smoking could directly affect how smokers’ bodies deal with the melanoma cancer cells, said the researchers.

“Overall, these results show that smoking could limit the chances of melanoma patients’ survival so it’s especially important that they are given all the support possible to give up smoking for good,” said Julie Sharp, head at Cancer Research UK in Britain.

This is the reason why people should try to give up smoking, particularly those who have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, suggested the researchers.

For the study, the team included more than 700 melanoma patients.


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