Kerala government creating trouble over Sabarimala: Congress

Sabarimala temple

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 2: With the Sabarimala temple set to open for a day on Monday, the Congress on Friday accused the Kerala government of “creating trouble” over the temple issue.

Addressing the media here, Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala said that instead of dousing passions, it was most unfortunate that the Left government was trying to create frictions.

“The BJP and Sangh Parivar have one agenda. The Vijayan government should have come out with a proper plan to avoid any trouble. Their decision to appoint 1,500 party workers on temporary basis in the temple town for the two month long pilgrimage season is a challenge to peace in the temple town,” said Chennithala.

“The government has no business to interfere in the pilgrimage,” he added.

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that women of all age can visit the Sabarimala temple, the Kerala government has said it will uphold the verdict, angering traditionalists. The Kerala High Court has patted the state government.

In a related development, an organisation of the Hindu Nair community which has taken a stand against the Left government had three of its offices attacked, forcing its General Secretary Sukumaran Nair to warn the CPI-M on Friday “not to play with them”.

“We know who is behind the attacks,” said Nair, adding that the need of the hour was to resolve the Sabarimala issue.


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