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Kejriwal alleges EVM tampering in Punjab



File Photo

New Delhi, March 15: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday alleged that EVMs were tampered with in Punjab, resulting in 20-25 per cent of AAP votes getting transferred to the SAD-BJP alliance and thus propping up the Congress to power.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader told the media here that there were numerous booths where his party got only “two, three or four” votes when though the number of its own activists and family members were in dozens.

He said there was widespread suspicion that “20 to 25 per cent of votes polled in favour of the AAP had been transferred to the Akali Dal-BJP alliance” by tampering the Electronic Voting Machines.

The Congress won the Punjab election with 38.4 per cent vote share, the defeated Akali Dal-BJP alliance got 30.5 per cent of votes while the AAP, now the main opposition party, got only 23.5 per cent of votes.

“There was anger against the ruling Akali-BJP alliance and people were saying the AAP will sweep the polls. But in the end, AAP got barely 25 per cent votes and the SAD got almost 31 per cent. How is it possible?

AAP “volunteers and their families… are all ready to swear on affidavit that they voted for us” in areas where the party got only two to four votes, he said.

Pointing out the vulnerability of EVMs, Kejriwal said the Election Commission cannot shirk away from its responsibility of restoring people’s faith in the electoral process.

He said similar doubts had also been raised about the EVMs following the Maharashtra civic polls and the just concluded assembly election in Uttar Pradesh.

“Many countries have stopped using EVMs. Even the BJP in the past including (L.K.) Advaniji had said they can be tampered with. The Supreme Court too has said EVMs can be tampered with.”

Kejriwal said that in 32 of the 117 constituencies in Punjab, Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) system was installed.

“We demand the (poll panel) to match the details of the VVPAT with EVMs. Around 20-25 per cent of our votes were transferred to the SAD-BJP through tampering of EVMs.”

“The EC should count the VVPAT slips where they were used and match them with the EVM result. If the results match, people’s trust will increase.”

Kejriwal said the Punjab election process cannot be countermanded but underlined he did not want what happened in Punjab to take place anywhere else.

The AAP, which was confident of winning in Punjab, finished a distant second with 20 seats (an ally won two seats) while the Congress secured nearly two-thirds majority. The Akali Dal-BJP alliance got 18 seats.

Questioning the efficacy of the EVMs, Kejriwal said there were several booths in Punjab where the votes cast in favour of the AAP were less than the number of party volunteers who had voted for the party.



Muslims are also descendants of Ram: Union Minister Giriraj Singh



Giriraj Singh
Union Minister Giriraj Singh (File Photo)

The union minster Giriraj Singh on Sunday said, Indian Muslims are not Babur’s descendants, Indian muslims are not foreigner.”

He claimed “India Muslims are descendants of Ram, our ancestors are same, although the worship criteria could be different. “

The leader retaliatating Owaisi who earlier said that the Masjid will be built where it was Giriraj Singh said,”They will go to Makka and Madina, where will we go, If Ram Temple isn’t built in India, will it be built in Pakistan.”

“People like Owaisi who are inspired by Jinnah wants to break the country,” he added.

However this is not the first time when Giriraj Singh has made a controversial, politically and socially peculiar comment on Ram Mandir and other things.


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Haryana degrading in Khattar Govt. no value of farmers, poor law and order situation: BS Hooda



BS Hooda
Former Haryana Chief Minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Photo-ANI)

Former Haryana Chief Minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Sunday attacked BJP government of Haryana for a drastic law and order situation in the state.

The leader said, “today there is no value of farmer in Haryana, no work for labour, the hospitals don’t have doctors.”

Pointing out that people in Haryana are not getting basic necessities of life he added that there’s no education in the schools and law and order has been ruined, culprits are no more afraid of the government.

Hooda also said that women are not secure in their house, children are not secure in Schools, goons are looting petrol pumps and other places, rape incidents has been increasing day by day and murders have become a common thing.

The senior Congress leader also mentioned BJP President Amit’ shah rally while criticising the government said, When BJP National President came to Haryana, the state govt spent Rs 22 Crore to deploy 150 companies of Paramilitary forces for his security.”

“How can they provide security to people of Haryana if they can’t provide security to their party’s national President?, he added.


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Some hours prior to demonetisation, PNB exchanged 90 crores of Nirav Modi: Majeed Memon



Majeed Memon
Majeed Memon, NCP Leader(Photo-ANI)

The NCP leader, Majeed Memon on Sunday made a claim that a PNB branch changed 90 crore rupees of old denominations into the new some hours prior to demonetization.

The leader also claimed that Nirav Modi left India some hours before Prime minister Narendra Modi announced Demonetisation.

The leader told ANI, “some hours prior to PM’s announcement of ‘Demonetisation’, 90 crore rupees of cash was brought in one of the branches of PNB & were exchanged for billions or something. This needs to be investigated.”

Jewellery Tycoon Nirav Modi has been declared defaulter  after his company recieved LOUs of almost 12 thousand crores from a PNB branch illegally. Nirav Modi, along with his wife Ami, brother Neeshal and Mehul Choksi left India in the first week of January before the PNB accused them of committing the fraud.


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