Keep your flowers forever with you! Happy friendship Day


Amazing friends are like those flowers which blossom our dull moments,

       with a fragrance of their every time disturbing pj’s

befouls us and snatch our last slice,
                         which add bright colours to our life

always pull our legs whenever we are in group
              boost up us whenever we loose


               they make us smile when we want to cry
beat like hell when we deny to try

                   understand our tears when we hide our pain
tell their lame jokes to laugh like insane

Friendship-2-wefornewsalways abuse us when we lie,
but plead us to teach in exam time

get angry when we ignore

                    but returns just after a while when their secrets explored.


they are stupid, idiots and fun seeking jokers of our life
which force us to fully enjoy the life.

-By Shivangi Raghav

Wefornews Bureau

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