Karnataka revises its night curfew order, ban to begin Thursday onwards

Lockdown in Bengaluru
Lockdown in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Within hours, allegedly owing to pressure from various quarters, Karnataka on Wednesday evening revised its own decision to impose night curfew from Thursday (December 24) instead of Wednesday (December 23) and the timings were also revised from 10 pm – 6 am to 11 pm – 5 am until January 2.

Karnataka had imposed night curfew in view of a new strain of Corona virus discovered in Britain last month and after the World Health Organisation announcing this India had suspended all air traffic to the UK.

Apart from Christian organisations, several hoteliers, pub, bar and restaurant owners exerted pressure on the government to drop stringent night curfew. Instead they reportedly demanded that the government follow the Maharashtra model while imposing night curfew in the state.

Besides this, even state-run transport corporations find it difficult to handle pressure from passengers as reportedly large number of passengers had booked to visit their families during the Christmas holidays.

Apparently succumbing to pressure, Yediyurappa said on Twitter that the night curfew will not be applicable on December 24 to celebrate “Midinght Mass” on the eve of Christmas.

“The government will not come in the way of Holy communion,” the chief minister tweeted in Kannada.

The practice of celebrating Midnight Mass is traditional in the Roman Catholic Church. In many Christian traditions Midnight Mass is the first liturgy of Christmas tide that is celebrated on the night of Christmas Eve, traditionally beginning at midnight when Christmas Eve gives way to Christmas Day.

This popular Christmas custom is a celebration of the Mass or Service of Worship in honour of the Nativity of Jesus even many of those Christian denominations that do not regularly employ the word ‘Mass’ uniquely use the term ‘Midnight Mass’ for their Christmas Eve customs as it includes the celebration of Holy Communion.

Earlier in the day, Yediyurappa said had stated that in view of the new stain of the Coronavirus and also as per the advice of the union government and recommendations of the K-TAC, Karnataka decided to impose night curfew from Wednesday till January 2, 2021 between 10 pm and 6 am.

“It is applicable across the state and I request people to cooperate to prevent and spread the new Coronavirus strain,” he said.

Responding to a question, the Chief Minister said all activities will go on as usual between 6 am to 10 pm and no one should come out after 10 pm.


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