Karnataka Government Formation: MLAs stood by principles, Says Azad

Ghulam Nabi Azad

Bengaluru, May 19: Soon after BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa stepped down as Chief Minister of Karnataka, Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said all the MLAs stood by the party principles and the decision taken by the party leadership. 

Speaking to Media, Azad sated “We would like to congratulate the MLAs of Congress, JD(S), independent as well as BSP who resisted all sorts of temptations”.

“They stood by the party principles & decision taken by the party leadership”, he added.

He alleged that some of the Congress legislators were kidnapped and they were under the illegal custody of the saffron party.

Azad also stated that the Congress along with the JD-S and two Independent MLAs has 117 MLAs as against 104 of the BJP.

The Rajya Sabha MP also thanked the Apex Court for rising to the occasion.

“I would also like to thank the judiciary… The Supreme Court, who once again rose to the occasion and brought the date from 15 days to two and half days as the Governor had given two weeks time to the CM of Karnataka to break our parties.”

Hitting out at Karnataka Governor Vajubhai R. Vala, Azad said: “He had given time for horse trading. But when we approached the SC, they found no reason why the should BJP be given 14-15 days to prove the majority when they have the numbers.

“If they have the numbers, they should produce before the assembly and win the vote of confidence. But the Governor knew that the BJP does not have the numbers, therefore, he wanted to give the BJP and the Central government a long rope…to break MLAs,” he added.

Apart from this, Azad also alleged that the party has the recordings of the BJP leaders making offers to the Congress MLAs.

“We have recordings. A large number of our MLAs have recordings of warning the BJP leaders including the CM (Yeddyurappa) and some agencies who approached our leaders and tried to lure all kinds of money and position,” he asserted.

“But our MLAs rejected uprightly all those offers by the Central and state governments and the BJP. So it’s a victory of democracy, Constitution of India and the rule of law,” he said.

The Congress leader said: “And, now we are waiting keenly that the Governor will invite Kumaraswamy to form the government in the southern state.


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