Karnataka elections: PM Modi declines to take up Rahul Gandhi’s challenge


The campaigning of Karnataka elections has brought to the fore the challenges and counter challenges posed by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi and Chief minister Siddaramaiah.

Rahul has dared the ruling government to allow him to speak for 15 minutes in Parliament on various issues, including corruption and said the prime minister will not be able to sit for 15 minutes and PM Modi in return ask Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to take up the challenge of speaking extempore for 15 minutes about the Karnataka government and this reply wasn’t left unanswered as Siddaramaiah intervened by giving a challenge to PM Modi to speak about the achievements of B S Yeddyurappa’s Govt in Karnataka for 15 minutes by looking at a paper.

Sensing that Karnataka assembly elections will be a tough battle for the BJP,Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his election campaign with a repeated script of accusing Congress of following dynastic politics, depicting a wrong image of Rahul Gandhi and targeting Sidaramaiah government.

Diverting from the ground realities of Karnataka, PM Modi twisted the campaigning by painting a wrong image of Rahul Gandhi,questioing his capability as a leader and that he has insulted H.D. Deve Gowda, former Prime Minister and national president of the Janata Dal (Secular).

In India and abroad, PM Modi is seen employing a common repeated script of his schemes and financial reforms as well as slamming Congress for dynastic politics but the ground reality is that every political party including BJP has a long list of legislatures hailing from dynasties and a politician can survive in politics on his or her own competence.

Since 2014 PM Modi has lowered the level of political discourse by carrying out personal attacks on Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi which shows PM in poor light.

Realising that the mood in Karnatka is anti-BJP and people across India are questioning what promise Modi has fulfilled, PM hurriedly announced that “BJP has fulfilled a commitment of providing electricity to all the villages in India .”  Though he fails to realize that the highways including of NCR are deprived of electricity (having street bulbs with no electricity).

It is worth mentioning that many factories and companies were shut down due to imposition of demonetisation and GST that had a cumulative effect on the problem of unemployment which has contributed to the rise in crime graph to a large extent and PM Modi without giving a second thought lashed out at Siddaramaiah government for poor law and order and tourism in the state though Modi failed to admit the rise in rape incidents that has sparked a debate on the poor law and order condition in the country especially in BJP ruled states as well as the political patronage enjoyed by the accused where the cases are communally driven.

PM Modi should better be honest and speak about real issues affecting people rather than displaying his obsessiveness of attacking Congress.He also accused the successive Congress governments at the Centre of allowing a handful of people to “loot” banks while denying loans to poor butforgets that the erstwhile Indian Premier League czar Lalit Modi was extended “humanitarian assistance” by external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj with emergency papers for travel in June 2015, and Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje gave him a testimonial.

While Vijay Mallya defrauded state-run banks of Rs 9,000 crore has also escaped and Nirav Modi looted the taxpayer’s money and escaped.

The fact of the matter is Prime Minister tried to evade the question posed by Rahul Gandhi by putting up another question,as Narendra Modi’s arrogance and dictatorial tendencies are quite known. BJP and Modi remained silent on the emotive Cauvery water issue because of the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka.

As tries to lure Gowda,the former PM said “if it happens to be a hung assembly than I will join hands with secular forces who so ever they may be as fundamentalism has grown in the last four years under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime.”

Religious tolerance has deteriorated and religious freedom violations have increased in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime, a report by an independent bipartisan American body has claimed.

The report of 2017, titled ‘Constitutional and Legal Challenges Faced by Religious Minorities in India’ and sponsored by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), said the religious minority communities and Dalits face discrimination and persecution in India where hate crimes, social boycotts and forced conversion have escalated dramatically since 2014.

Blog : By Arti Bali,

(Senior Journalist)

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