Karnataka elections a referendum on promises made by BJP: Prakash Raj

prakash raj

New Delhi, May 10: Actor Prakash Raj has stepped up his #JustAsking campaign with just days left for Karnataka to go to the polls. The 53-year-old actor has been traveling across the state and recommending people not to vote for the BJP as he firmly believes the BJP and various right-wing groups have created an atmosphere of fear in the country, where an individual’s freedom of expression and choice are under threat.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Prakash Raj discussed the importance of Karnataka elections, why Bollywood has stopped offering him films, what he thinks about joining a political party and his plans to expand his #JustAsking campaign.

In one of the question, The Indian Express asked Raj- How do you perceive the Karnataka election and its impact on national politics?

He replied; ”It’s a very important election on the national politics. Whatever the false promises our Prime Minister or his party has made, it (Karnataka election) is a referendum on that. And it is definitely an answer to the unrest happening in the country right now. In spite of winning (Lok Sabha elections) and becoming the prime minister, in his own state Gujarat, he had come down to 99 seats. How have they lost elections in Uttar Pradesh? And yes, they will talk about Tripura. But, in Tripura, the reason was there was a 25-year-old government which did not work. It (BJP) was an alternative. But, that is not so in other cases. The way the uprising is happening in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh on the failed promises, India is looking at Karnataka to see [the wave against it].”

In the interview, Raj talked on many issues, including journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh murder, Karnataka Elections, JustAsking Campaign and also on why Bollywood has stopped offering him roles.

Voting for the 224-member Karnataka Assembly will take place on May 12. The result of the polls will be declared on May 15.


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