Karnataka Elections 2018: Who said what on polling day


Bengaluru, May 12: Hundreds of thousands voted across Karnataka on Saturday in Assembly elections crucial for the ruling Congress, the BJP as well as JD-S.

Karnataka has more than 5.06 crore electorate, including 2.6 crore men and 2.5 crore women. A total of 15.42 lakh first-time voters, aged 18-19, have registered.

In all, 2,654 candidates are in the fray, including 219 women. A total of 222 are from the Congress and BJP each, 201 from JD-S, 1,155 Independents and 800 from other national, regional and fringe parties.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on youth to ‘enrich festival of democracy’.

“Urging my sisters and brothers of Karnataka to vote in large numbers today. I would particularly like to call upon young voters to vote and enrich this festival of democracy with their participation”, he tweeted.

Meanwhile, taking to Twitter, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said Karnataka should embrace the greatest festival of democracy by voting.

Welcoming the first time voters, he stated that the high voter turnout is a sign of dynamic democracy. His message today was in Kannada.

Check below who said what on polling day: 

Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress: We are confident. BJP will not win more than 60-70 seats maximum, forget getting 150. They are just dreaming of forming the Government.

Ashok Gehlot, Congress: As there is model code of conduct in Karnataka, PM Modi planned to pray at temples in Nepal instead, just to influence voters.This is not a good trend for democracy.Why did he only choose today as the day.

Karnataka Chief Minister  Siddaramaiah: We are very-very confident that Congress party will come back to power with the complete majority. 

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s son Dr Yatheendra:  I have been visiting villages in the constituency for last 1 & half years. Election campaigning didn’t feel any different. Wherever I went, people expressed confidence in Congress government.

HD Deve Gowda, JD(S): We expect a possibility of forming the government, we have done well.

BS Yeddyurappa, BJP: People are fed up with the Siddaramaiah government. I urge the people to come out & vote for BJP. I assure the people of Karnataka that I’m going to give good governance.


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