Kapil Sibal tweets satirical poem on Modi’s Rafalegate

Former union minister Kapil Sibal said that Rafalegate will seal Bharatiya Janta Party’s fate in 2019 Lok Sabha elections
Kapil Sibal
Former Human Resource Development Minister of India

New Delhi, Sep 24 : Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal tweeted a short satirical rhyme at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ‘the watchman,’ who has been caught in Rafalegate after ex-French President  Francois Hollande’s revelations.

Sibal took potshots at Modi, saying, Narendra Modi, who claims to be watchman of the country ,thought he would not get caught but after Hollande’s revelations,Modi’s Rafalegate will seal Bharatiya Janta Party’s fate in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.”

“Rafale : Our watchman thought ,would not get caught,night watchman in,to give a spin;Hollande bowled straight
to seal the fate of those who claim,they’re not to blame. Jugalbandi ,now will not fly,a JPC, will nail the lie.This Rafalegate
will seal their fate,”Kapil Sibal tweeted.

The Congress leader’s rhyme  is well timed as  Hollande’s comment that Dassault did not have a say in Rafale deal added fuel to claims from Opposition Congress that Modi government directly helped Anil Ambani to get this deal.


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